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Pooppallys Homestay, Alappuzha

Pooppallys home stay in Kerala is a Heritage eco-homestay with lovely century-old kerala architecture, traditional Kerala wooden carvings and Kerala wood works, set in a serene village location. It overlooks the backwaters of Alleppey (Alappuzha), Kerala . This eco friendly home stay belongs to Retired principal Dr.Joseph Pooppally and is son, Dr. Paul. We at pooppallys try our best to give you a feel of the life of a typical Kerala family So you may not find room service here , and food served will be traditional kerala food modified to siute the taste of guests especially forgieners. Situated on the banks of River Pamba, in Alleppey (Alappuzha) district of Kerala, this house is built amidst very eco-friendly and serene surroundings overlooking the backwaters of Kuttanadu.

An enchanting backwater destination, Alleppey offers visitors many other leisure options like Boating and fishing facilities. Holiday packages on the houseboats, traditional Kettuvalloms, are an out-of-this-world experience at Alleppey. Life around the house We try our best to maintain a eco friendly atmosphere and since pesticides are not used and ecology is maintained, you might occasionally find a some living beings around the home like ants , flies or occasionally a lizard or a spider ,they are a part of the ecology cycle we believe in not disturbing the natural habitats and eco-cycle with pesticides. please don’t be scared since they are harmless and non poisonous.

We use age old natural methods of pest control with smoking leaves and other medicinal herbs. We have built ponds and water bodies to hold rain water and preserve the water table. Composte for manure and handling the natural waste. Job generation as local people are employed where ever they are willing and available. Visitors book boats and buy materials and artifacts where by local people are benefited also benefited through employment as guides and oars men.

We look forward to having you as our guest ,and kindly help and co-operate with us to preserve the energy , enviornment, and maitain it as eco friendly, We dont claim to have perfected in it but we keep on striving to improve and do lookf orward to your valuable suggestions. The cottages are around 200 years old , They are old wooden Kerala houses that were bought and restructured. The home stands secluded in a property of about 3 acres… with varieties of fruit yielding trees and varieties of medicinal plants and herbs Hence home to more than 30 species of birds in the season. We buy most of the products fish ,vegetables & poultry from local people.Vegetables when bought are bought from organically grown farms. Roof paneling of the cottages are done with hand woven plant fiber called paya only found and used in kerala. Old Wooden houses 150 -200 years old with traditional Kerala wood works and carvings that were getting demolished has been bought and restructured to make the three wooden rooms (cottage).

It’s unique designs and ancient carvings stands as an epitome of ancient times and there are rooms completely finished in wood which is a unique feature in these modern times. Most of the rooms here are wooden which stands as a reminder of the bygone era and overlook the River Pampa. They provide you with an atmosphere to relax! All the rooms come with exclusive bath rooms and hot water connections. And in most of them you can view the star lit sky even while in shower. Traditional Kerala food is served here with a lot of variety everyday.

Some of the traditional dishes like Meen pollichathu, Kerala chicken curry, rost duck, aviyal, payasam, puttu-kadala, appam stew, Egg roast etc are well appreciated with all those who have visited us. In the charming quietude of this home, you may laze away your evening under the leafy canopy of a guava tree, which stands sentinel in the amoeba shaped pool. You hear the rustle of the leaves as the cool evening breeze plays with them-Muse enough for a poet…Float, if you choose, on a bamboo raft in the encircling placid waters of the pool from where you can watch the residual brilliance illuminating the evening sky after sunset. It creates a relaxed ambience that helps you to unwind.

The garden stretches into the beckoning River Pampa. The backyard is a light- filled sitting area with an abundance of green, and presents the appearance of a covered courtyard.. The mango tree offers a magnificent bower over a fish pool beyond where you could relax with a fishing rod.

Traditional Kerala cuisine is prepared with much love and thought….a huge variety of Kerala dishes with some vegetables picked from our own backyard, and organically grown.




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